500 grams of Spaghetti or bucatini

wild fennel

40 grams of raisins

40 grams of pine nuts

1 small white onion


salt and pepper.

Pasta con le sarde

Iconic dish of Sicily, very famous ancient recipe in Catania and Palermo, based on spaghetti or bucatini, sardines, wild fennel and toaste bread crumb.


Preparation of the breadcrumbs:

In a large pan put the chopped onion and oil, when the onion is golden, add the breadcrumbs, grated pecorino and salt. Cook until the breadcrumbs are golden, then set aside.


Boil the wild fennel for a couple of minutes, mix, dry and set aside. In a large pan put the chopped onion, a little oil and cook until the onion is golden. Add the pine nuts, the raisins, cook for a couple of minutes then add the chopped sardines and the chopped wild fennel and cook for 5 minutes. Boil the pasta in a pan with water, when it is cooked, drain it and pour it into the pan with the sardine sauce, mix and serve.