One Cuttlefish (about 600 g)

400 g Tomato pulp

1 clove Garlic,

white wine

Extra virgin olive oil

Chili pepper


g 400 gr of Linguine

Black ink cuttlrfish linguine

Pasta with Sicilian cuttlefish ink is a first course of spaghetti or linguine topped with a black sauce prepared with fresh cuttlefish that smell of the sea and the Mediterranean! Here's how to prepare it without making mistakes, spaghetti al nero are easy to prepare and really good!.


Remove the black bag from the cuttlefish and keep the "black" aside. Peel the cuttlefish and cut it into small pieces. Prepare a sauté with chopped garlic and onion, and add the cuttlefish. Sauté for a minute then add salt and add some white wine add the finely crushed tomato pulp or pass quickly in the mixer, then season with salt and cook, about 10/15 minutes will be enough. As soon as the boiling is evident, gently take the vesicle containing the "black" and add it to the cuttlefish sauce, opening it gently. Stir to make it dissolve well. Cook for a few more minutes, then turn off and add the parsley and chilli. Cook the pasta in abundant and lightly salted water, drain well and season with part of the cuttlefish ink. Complete each dish with an additional ladle of "black" and more chopped parsley. A wonderful option is to add sea urchin pulp to the pasta to enhance the taste of the sauce